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Do you love cavies (guinea pigs)? Do you live in NSW south of Picton or in regional NSW, Queanbeyan or Canberra? Then the Capital Country Cavy Club is the club for you.

We hold shows throughout the year in Queanbeyan  and two at the Royal Canberra Show in February. We welcome new cavy lovers with a variety of fun Pet Classes at our shows where experienced cavy fanciers are available to answer questions about guinea pigs.

Cavy (rhymes with navy, never with navvy) is another name for  guinea pig. It is derived from their Latin name Cavia porcellus. They originally came from the Andes (Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia) where they have been domesticated for around 5000 years. They were brought to Europe some time in the 16th century. Queen Elizabeth I was supposed to have had some as pets. Princess Diana definitely did as a girl.

Capital Country Cavy Club Inc was formed at a meeting in Queanbeyan in May 2009. It was felt there were enough people in NSW south of Picton and in the Canberra/Queanbeyan area who wanted to show cavies but who were not necessarily willing to travel to Sydney to warrant a separate club. "Capital Country" is defined by the NSW Tourist Board as being roughly that area bounded by the Southern Highlands in the north and Queanbeyan, Yass, Goulburn and Canberra in the south. Capital Country Cavy Club became an incorporated association in December 2009.

Throughout the whole process of becoming established, Capital Country Cavy Club has received generous support and encouragement from the NSW Cavy Club. The two clubs have agreed to share the same newsletter, Cavy Capers which is why the index is still on this site.

Prior to all that, this area was served by Southern Regional Branch of the NSW Cavy Club. This branch was formed in January 2000 by some members living in Camden, Robertson and Wollongong.  The first show was Albion Park Agricultural Show, followed by one in Canberra in conjunction with the Canberra Rabbit Club that year. The first display was in October at Morongla Creek, near Cowra The foundation president was Elizabeth Hodsdon, treasurer Annette Polke and secretary Karen Nichols. Shows were held in Russell Vale (near Wollongong), Robertson and Canberra. Displays were mounted at Canberra, Bungendore, Yass, Gunning and Sutton.  The Southern Regional Branch was dissolved in June 2009.

The aims of the Club are to upgrade the status of cavies, educate the public about their care and to hold shows in Southern NSW (no further north than Picton) and the ACT.

The club is based in Queanbeyan

NEW PET MAGAZINE with article on cavies (sourced form the NSW Cavy Club)







The Whistler is the Australian National Cavy Council's e-magazine and is the voice of the cavy fancy in this country. Each issue is packed with information, articles, and, in spring,  the show results of the National Cavy Show. Click on the banner to read it.



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