The Club no longer has a library. it was disbanded because of lack of use. However, I am leaving what was in it up here as it is a useful guide to rabbit books which might be useful..



American Netherland Dwarf Rabbit Club, Raising Netherland Dwarfs. 1975, (1977 printing). Useful but remember the American breed standard may differ from ours.

American Rabbit Breeders Association, Standard of Perfection, 2001-2005. Bloomington, IL, ARBA, 2001.

Colour and b/w photos of different breeds. Note may differ from BRC standards. Includes cavies as well as rabbits.

Brett, Walter, Rabbit-Keeping (extract from The Smallholders Encyclopedia). Unknown, 1950s.

Perhaps a little dated but still much useful information in easy-to-find alphabetical arrangement.

British Rabbit Council, Articles of Constitution & Rules

British Rabbit Council, Breed Standards, 1996-2000. BRC, 1996

The basic reference tool for rabbit-breeders in clubs like the CRCI which follow the BRC standards. Gives physical descriptions, desirable weights, recognised colours, and faults.

Burton, Jane, How Your Pet Grows: Freckles the Rabbit. New York, Random House, 1988.

For children. Simple texts but good photos of growing baby Lop rabbits

Coggins, Rosie & Vija Hone, Introduction to Colour Genetics for the Australian Rabbit Fancier. Australian Lop Circle, 1996

Meticulously researched & very useful for breeders

Colbeck, Arthur, Read About Rabbits: Dutch. Preston, Lancs. , Winckley Publishing, 1987.

Everything you want to know about Dutch rabbits, breeding, genetics, showing, written by someone who obviously knows and loves them. Photocopy.

Crook, Sandy, Lop Rabbits. Neptune City, NJ, T.F.H., 1986. Classic work on dwarf rabbits of all kinds.

Gendron, Karen, The Rabbit Handbook. Hauppage, NJ, Barron’s, 2000.

Haggarty, Vana, Small Pets: Rabbits (cover title: Love Your Rabbit). London, W. Foulsham, 1985

Basic information & colour photos plus drawings of types of cages and feeders and diagram of healthy versus unhealthy rabbit.

Halls, June. Just Call Me Monty. [Victoria}, Alexandra & Eildon Standard Press, 1984? Gives a lot of information about caring for rabbits, breeding and showing as the Australian author recounts her life with Monty, a Siamese Sable buck.

Hearne, Tina, Care For Your Rabbit. London, Collins, 1990 (new ed.)

Useful book with diagrams of cages, suggested diets, drawings of some plants, first aid, ailments and a Q&A section. "The Official RSPCA pet guide".

Hunter, Samantha, Hop To It. Hauppage, NY, Barrons, 1992. On training a house rabbit with lots of useful information on rabbit behaviour

Kelsey-Wood, Dennis, Dwarf Rabbits: Getting Started. Neptune City, NJ, TFH Publications, 1995.

Lawrence, Keith & Joyce, Hamlyn Pet Care Handbooks: Rabbits. London, Hamlyn, 1987.

Another small but useful book with drawings of plants, useful diet suggestions, etc.

Leverett, Brian, Keeping Rabbits, a Complete Manual. London, Blandford, 1987 (photocopy)

Mettle, Michael, The Proper Care of Dwarf Rabbits. Neptune City, T.F.H. Publications, 1993

McBride, Anne, Why Does My Rabbit…?. London, Souvenir Press, 1998. Excellent work on rabbit behaviour

Pavia, Audrey, The Rabbit: an owner's guide to a happy, healthy pet. New York, Howell House, 1996

An excellent all-round guide to rabbit-keeping covering house, nutrition, healthy, history, folklore, even house to get the bunny to ride in a car.

Pavia, Audrey, Rabbits for Dummies. New York, Wiley, 2003 First rate comprehensive guide to rabbits for both the novice and the more experienced pet owner.

Rabbit Breeders Association of N.S.W., Constitution. RBANSW, 1988 (3 copies)

Roberts, Mervyn F., Rabbits. Neptune City, NJ, T.F.H. Publications, 1984.

Very useful commonsense book . Good introduction.

Sandford, J. C., The Domestic Rabbit. 3rd ed. St. Albans, Granada Publishing, 1979. One of the best and most comprehensive books on rabbits published. (Photocopy)

Taylor, David, Rabbit. London, Collins, 1999.

Very good handbook covers most things in some detail, esp. diseases behaviour and diet.

Wegler, Monika, Rabbits: a complete pet owner’s manual. Hauppauge, NY, Barron's, 1990.

Very good handbook, cover behaviour, diet, breeding, diseases.

Williams, A.E. Ted, Rabbit Breeding for Perfection. Melbourne, Williams, 1992. Very useful book written by experienced rabbit breeder and judge, covering care, breeds, etc. and written with the Australian situation in mind.

Williams, Ann, Why Keep Rabbits. Dorchester, Prism Press, 1978. (Photocopy)

Woodward, Clive, Read About Rabbits: New Zealand. Preston, Lancs. , Winckley Publishing, 1982.

Everything you want to know about New Zealand rabbits written by an expert.


Ive only put our holdings if they are no longer being published or are no longer received by the club.

British Rabbit Council Yearbook; The Bunny Thymes Vol. 3, no. 10 (Oct./Nov. 1996)-vol. 3, no. 11 (Dec. 1996/Jan. 1997); C.R.C.I. News/Rabbit Droppings; Rabbit Breeders Association of N.S.W. Newsletter No. 3 (Oct. 1988)-no. 5 (June 1989); no. 8 (Dec. 1989)-no. 10 (Apr. 1990); no. 14 (Feb. 1991); no. 18 (Sept. 1992); no. 20 (Mar. 1993); Rabbit Fanciers Society of N.S.W. Newsletter ; Wild About Animals, no. 4 (Apr. 1994); Your Favourite Pet, vol. 1, no. 1-v.2, no.2; v. 2, no. 4-v. 2, no. 6 [undated but ca. 1994-1995]; NSW Rabbit Association Newsletter; South Australian Rabbit Club newsletter ; WARCI newsletter (Western Australian Rabbit Council); R.B.A.T. newsletter (Rabbit Breeders Association of Tasmania); Rabbit Habit (Rabbit Breeders & Exhibitors of NSW); Rabbit Council of New Zealand newsletter; Lop news (Lop Society of New Zealand)


Many of the books can be purchased locally in Australia though you may have to ask your bookshop to order them in.

Crook, Sandy, Lop Rabbits. Neptune City, NJ, T.F.H., 1986. ISBN 086221379

Gendron, Karen, The Rabbit Handbook. Hauppage, NJ, Barron’s, 2000. ISBN0764112465

Harriman, Marinell, The House Rabbit Handbook. 3rd ed., Alameda, Calif., Drollery Press, 1995

Hunter, Samantha, Hop To It. Hauppage, NY, Barrons, 1992. ISBN 0812045513

Kanable, Anna, Raising Rabbits. Emmaus, PA, Rodale Press, 1977 ISBN 0878573143

McBride, Anne, Why Does My Rabbit…?. London, Souvenir Press, 1998 ISBN 0285635506

Pavia, Audrey, Rabbits for Dummies. New York, Wiley, 2003. ISBN 076450861X

Sandford, J.C., The Domestic Rabbit 5th ed. Oxford, Blackwell Science, 1996. ISBN 0632038942

Taylor, David, Rabbit: a Practical Guide to Caring for Your Rabbit. London, HarperCollins, 1999 ISBN 0004133773

Vriends-Parent, Lucia, The New Rabbit Handbook. Hauppage, NY, Barron's, 1989 ISBN 0812042026

Wegler, Monika, Dwarf Rabbits. Hauppage, NJ, Barron's, 1992 ISBN 0812013522

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