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Affiliated with the British Rabbit Council

The Canberra Rabbit Club Inc. (CRCI) was incorporated in July 1996. The idea behind the club was to create a friendly informal avenue for people with an interest in rabbits, both breeders and pet owners alike, to further their knowledge of rabbits and to provide them with the opportunity to show their rabbits on a regular basis.

Currently, the CRCI has four rabbit shows a year with categories to cover all breeds of pedigree rabbits which are judged according to the British Rabbit Council Standards. The shows are held in Goulburn (as there seems to be more interest there) and Canberra.

There is also usually a special pet rabbit section included with each show with such categories as Best Pet Rabbit, Most Talented Rabbit, Rabbit Most Like Owner, Best Fancy Dress and more!

Members receive several issues of the club newsletter, Rabbit Droppings, a year via email, usually published two weeks before each show.

2016 the club is resting because of lack of support by local breeders whose numbers have dwindled anyway. So there will be no shows or newsletter this year. However, it will relaunch in 2017 with two big shows.



CRCI will be hosting the Australian National Rabbit Council (ANRCI)National Rabbit Show next year. The following classes will be Judged so start planning your litters. Also to be included Fibre & Wool. Further details will be posted here as they come to hand or you can keep up to date through the Club's and ANRCI National Rabbit Extravaganza Facebook pages.



The new strain of Rabbit Haemorrhagic Disease (RHD or Calici virus) is in south Canberra. Two pet rabbits were confirmed as dying of it in Calwell in August 2015. They are believed to be the first pets to die of it in Canberra. There is no vaccine against the new strain. Best protection is to make sure no wild rabbits can come where your bunnies are and avoid walking in places where they may be as the virus can be brought in on clothes, shoes, coats of dogs and so on. The virus can be destroyed with a 10% bleach solution but it is otherwise hardy, surviving up to 4 months at mild temperatures, even longer at low temperatures.

RHDV2 is almost like a new disease. The current vaccine does not protect against it (despite what some vets say) and there isn't a new one here that will. Even in Britain they are looking to import one from Europe as they don't have one, either. This looks as if it may have to be given every 4 months to be most effect as the BRC press release says that European meat breeders are vaccinating every 4 months.

There is a very good Facebook group where data and research papers as well as reports of outbreaks have been collated. It's called Against The Approval of the K5 Calici Virus Made in Korea ( Despite the name, it covers all the variants of calici.



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MYXOMATOSIS HOTLINE where myxo outbreaks are listed and where you can sign up to try to get the vaccine allowed in this country










Last updated May 2016