This page is really a portal to mini websites devoted to the various things which interest me. Here you will find things Roman, things Japanese, particularly on The Samurai (Onmitsu Kenshi) the 1960s Japanese TV series that was such a big hit here in the mid-1960s, and things Dracula..

You will also find the small animal fancy represented by websites for Capital Country Cavy Club Inc.(formerly the Southern Regional Branch of the NSW Cavy Club) and the Canberra Rabbit Club Inc.,  my own caviary/rabbitry and some pages devoted to cats. There is also a bit about my zine, Multiverse which ran for 20 years (its readers will recognise the source of the website's name) and just a bit about Centero, my media SF letter/discussion zine which ran from  1982 to 2007. Most pages are updated regularly as appropriate, particularly the Cavies (Guinea Pigs), Rabbits and Cats, so please check back from time to time.

The Samurai

Plum Rain Scroll Trilogy

A discussion of Ruth Manley's Japanese fantasy


Japan in Historical Novels


Fantastic Rome

A bibliography of Ancient Rome in SF/fantasy


Unfinished Objects

A collection of reviews of books I couldn't finish to remind me not to go there again

Dracula Bibliography

 2nd World Dracula Congress

Romanian Tour May 2000


Planet Skaro



Canberra Rabbit Club


Capital Country Cavy Club


My Cats


Reguili Cavy & Rabbit Stud

About me



Vivian Chan Shaw. Beautiful and original dresses handloomed in fine wool blends, and unique jewellery

Whiteworks Public Relations Stylish website for my brother's PR company.


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