This is a site devoted to The Samurai, the Japanese TV series of the 1960s which was such a hit in Australia. It is constantly evolving as I find more information or add things I think fans of the show would like or find interesting. It began life as a fanzine published in 1988 which in turn was based on an article I wrote for Multiverse. In 1999, I scanned the fanzine and published it on  my web site and have been adding to it ever since so that now it doesn't bear much resemblance to the original.








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Phantom Agents


Glen Johnson's Samurai site

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Glen Johnson's Phantom Agents site

plus a site devoted to the ninja film series Shinobi no mono

IMDB has page plus comments on The Samurai

Two Facebook entries  The more interesting one  is a group at!/group.php?gid=95863139628  where people can discuss the show, post pictures, etc. The other item is a page which simply describes the show's history, based on Wikipedia, this website, etc.

Heroic Cinema's review of the the Fuma Ninja DVD set.

TV Tonight has a section on Shintaro! with comments.

Here is a Philippino remembrance of the series (it was big there, too)

Vintage An American site which does what it says on the tin, looks at ninja in all different media. This is the page on The Samurai

There's  a Wikipedia entry now (as of Nov. 2009 with information used from this siter with permission)

Monkey (Saiyuki) A great site devoted to all aspects of this popular 1978 Japanese TV series starring Sakai Masaaki. (Includes article on the series I wrote for Multiverse #6)